Lost "Nathan Head" zombie film "Escape From Sector Six"

Nathan Head | Night Fall | Zombie MovieNot too long ago, when a meteorite crashed to Earth, an alien virus was  released into the atmosphere, causing many to mutate into frenzied creatures. Due to the degrading optic nerves in the infected undead, it is now unsafe to be outside during daylight hours, but when Seth Bethlehem stumbles upon a secret military installation in the forest he unintentionally leads a group of living corpses to the base. Nathan Head stars as Seth Bethlehem in this sci-fi horror from Apparition Pictures, which was shot throughout 2014 on location in Cheshire as well as The Warehouse Studios in Manchester under the working title Night Fall.

PRODUCTION UPDATE: Over fifty minutes of the film has been shot and edited, with only minor pickups and zombie scenes remaining to complete the eighty minute runtime, but as of August 2015, Escape From Sector Six has ceased production due to budgetary reasons and Apparition Pictures will be working on other projects until it is financially feasible to complete the missing scenes.


Starring "Star Wars The Force Awakes" actor "Keith DeWinter" as "Doctor Swift-Tuttle" Starring "Star Wars The Force Awakes" actor "Keith DeWinter" as "Doctor Swift-Tuttle"



The Zombies of Night Fall


Early posters

Behind-the-scenes shot from the set of Night Fall featured in Digital Filmmaker Magazine issue 55 (April 2018)